Monday, February 9, 2009


Lettuce is delicious--so it's no surprise that it has been cultivated for thousands of years. Even the word "salad" can trace its roots the to Latin word "sal," meaning salt (the Romans liked salty salads). Tender baby leaves are usually the earliest produce we can harvest, and at nearly $5 for a serving for two at your local organic food retailer, you will quickly see the value of having Yard Farmer tending to your lettuce rows.

Because we farm on a more intimate level, we are able to employ "cut and come again" harvesting, whereby we harvest the outer leaves but allow the inner leaves to grow larger for later harvest. This way, we can harvest three to four times more produce than we would by removing the entire lettuce head. We also maintain a high level of diversity in our seed catalog so you can enjoy lush Red Velvet lettuce one evening and then a crunchy heirloom Freckled Loose Leaf the next.

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